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A message from the Zone 34 Rotary Public Image Coordinator; Susan Courter

Welcome to the Rotary Zones 33/34 Public Image Blog!

Step into the dynamic world of Rotary public image, where storytelling meets impact, and branding resonates with purpose. Bookmark this page and make this your go-to destination for the latest updates, resources, and insights on crafting and sharing a powerful Rotary story. Read on to learn about some of the content you’ll find here. This meant to be your gateway to Rotary excellence.

The latest and greatest PUBLIC IMAGE UPDATES for your club! Stay in the know with the most recent developments in the realm of public image. From inspiring success stories to innovative campaigns, our blog will keep you updated on the pulse of Rotary’s impact across Zones 33/34 and beyond. Discover the creative ways Rotarians and Rotaractors are shaping public perceptions and making a difference in their communities.

All you need to know about BRANDING! Gain a deeper understanding of effective branding for your club which not only reflects the essence of Rotary but also resonates with your local community. Learn to navigate the layers of resources in the Brand Center to find the best tools that will help you create a compelling visual identity using consistent messaging effectively and efficiently. Elevate your club’s presence with practical tips and expert advice on enhancing your public image.

Share the ROTARY STORY! Every Rotary and Rotaract club has a unique story to tell, and we are here to help you articulate it with impact. Explore storytelling techniques that captivate audiences and convey the passion and purpose behind your service projects. Learn how to leverage various media channels, including social media, to amplify your Rotary story and connect with a broader audience.

Catch up on our monthly WEBINARS! Missed a webinar? No worries! Our blog will feature comprehensive recaps of our latest webinars on topics like social media content, effective communications, using AI and Canva, graphic design, branding and more. Gain insights from industry experts, Rotary leaders, and fellow Rotarians who have successfully navigated the world of public image. Whether you are a seasoned Rotarian or Rotaractor, or new to the Rotary world, these recaps will provide valuable takeaways to enhance your club’s public image efforts.

Interact in Forums and Discussions! This blog is more than just a platform; it’s a community of storytellers, brand ambassadors, and change-makers. Engage in meaningful conversations with Rotarians and Rotaractors, share your experiences, seek advice, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate about elevating Rotary’s public image. Together, we can inspire each other to create positive change in our communities.


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