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Rotary Zones 33/34 Social Media

The social media strategy for Rotary Zones 33/34 focuses on achieving three main objectives::

      1. Providing engaging and valuable content to districts, clubs, and members within Zones 33/34 and beyond.
      2. Expanding the reach and impact on districts, clubs, and members across Zones 33/34 and beyond.
      3. Ensuring diverse and meaningful interactions with districts, clubs, and members across Zones 33/34 and beyond.
To achieve these goals, the Zones 33/34 Social Media Team follows a structured approach, using adaptable tools and innovative practices to create and share official content. Acknowledging the variety of social media options available, each catering to different content types and audiences, the current social media presence of Rotary Zones 33/34 includes the following platforms:


Zones 33/34 encourage all members, clubs and districts to like, follow, join and/or subscribe to as many of its social media channels, as well as, to tag @RotaryZones3334 and use #RotaryZones3334 where appropriate in your respective posts on social media. Additionally, members, clubs and districts are all welcome to engage with Zones 33/34 on social media by adding reactions, posting comments and sending messages.



District Champions

To support and drive the efforts of the Zones 33/34 Social Media Team towards its goals, each of the 31 districts is encouraged to appoint a District Champion. This individual, ideally the current or recent District Public Image Chair, will advocate for improved engagement with Zones 33/34 social media among clubs and members.

While the preferred choice is the District Public Image Chair, any current member of the District Public Image Committee or District Leadership Team can fulfill this role.

District Champions play a pivotal role:

  • Advocating for Zones 33/34 social media channels and website, as well as the broader Zones 33/34 Public Image.
  • Keeping clubs informed about relevant activities, tasks, events, and challenges set by the Zones 33/34 Social Media Team and Public Image Teams.
  • Receiving regular updates and task requests from the Zones 33/34 Social Media Team regarding district-specific goals.
  • Participating in quarterly meetings with the Zones 33/34 Team to exchange progress updates and review accomplishments.


2023 Social Media Cover Art Competition

Earlier in the year Rotary and Rotaract members from Rotary Zones 33/34 were invited to craft original designs reflecting our Zones, our members, our story, and our impact. After a fantastic response, three finalists were chosen through popular votes. These captivating banners will grace our channels for four months each.
Learn more about this competition.