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Rotary Zones 33/34 Social Media

Rotary Zones 33/34 strategy for its social media presence involves a strategic and sustainable approach to meeting three primary goals:
      1. Provide creative and meaningful content to districts, clubs and members within Zones 33/34 (and beyond)
      2. Increase the reach and impact to districts, clubs and members across Zones 33/34 (and beyond)
      3. Ensure adequate and appropriate opportunities for exchange and engagement with districts, clubs and members across Zones 33/34 (and beyond)
To accomplish these goals the Zones 33/34 Social Media Team implements a results-driven and structured methodology to the creation and publication of its official content utilizing adaptable and innovative tools, as well as, best practices.
Recognizing that there are multiple options available today for social media, with each option not only catering to different types of content, but also, to different audiences, Rotary Zones 33/34 social media presence currently include the following:
Zones 33/34 encourage all members, clubs and districts to like, follow, join and/or subscribe to as many of its social media channels, as well as, to tag @RotaryZones3334 and use #RotaryZones3334 where appropriate in your respective posts on social media. Additionally, members, clubs and districts are all welcome to engage with Zones 33/34 on social media by adding reactions, posting comments and sending messages.

District Champions

To help promote and drive the efforts of the Zones 33/34 Social Media Team and achieve its goals, each of the 31 districts is asked to name a District Champion – a member of the district who will advocate better engagement with Zones 33/34 social media among respective clubs and members.

Ideally, a District Champion should be the current (or immediate past or incoming) District Public Image Chair; however, another current member of a District Public Image Committee or District Leadership Team (e.g. District Secretary, District Membership Chair, District Community Service Chair, etc.) can also serve in the role.


      • District Champions will actively promote and be advocates specifically for Zones 33/34 social media channels and website, as well as, for Zones 33/34 Public Image in general
      • District Champions will inform, update and follow-up with clubs on relevant activities (including specific tasks, opportunities, events, and challenges) issued by Zones 33/34 Social Media Team (and/or Zones 33/34 Public Image Teams)
      • District Champions will receive monthly to bi-monthly updates and requests from the Zones 33/34 Social Media Team speaking to specific tasks and goals to be accomplished in each district and among clubs and members
      • District Champions will collectively meet with the Zones 33/34 Team on a quarterly basis at scheduled dates/times to exchange updates and review progress



2023 Social Media Cover Art Competition

Zones 33/34 are committed to making sure that members and clubs are not only engaged by the various social media channels (listed above), but also, that they feel a sense of investment, ownership and pride and are motivated to explore content from these channels for themselves and share content with a wider audience.

So for the 1st half of the 2023-2024 Rotary year, Zones 33/34 introduces its Social Media Cover Art Competition

This activity calls on Rotary and Rotaract members from Zones 33/34 to create and submit original/bespoke designs of cover art imagery that best identify and represent our Zones, our members, our story and our impact. Submissions will be shared across the Zones for persons to view, like and share where the winning submission will be used on Zones 33/34 social media channels.



    1. Only members from Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Zones 33/34 can enter this competition
    2. Entries must be submitted via the Social Media Cover Art Competition Form and must be received by 30th of November 2023
    3. Entries must follow submission criteria (those that do not follow criteria will not be considered)
    4. A member may submit multiple designs, but only, one at a time using the submission form
    5. Entries will be posted to one or more Zones 33/34 social media channels (entries should not be posted elsewhere online)
    6. Posted entries (and/or links to such) may be shared online via websites, other social media channels, email, chat groups, etc. (once the original post, the link to and source of such are maintained and not altered in any way)
    7. Anyone (members, friends, family, colleagues, public) may like posted entries
    8. Winning submissions are chosen based on number of likes, as well as, on Zones 33/34 Social Media Team’s evaluation and judgement.
    9. Winning submissions will be announced on or before 15th December 2023 where all rights and ownership to winning designs are provided to Zones 33/34 and relinquished by the respective member
    10. Winning members, as well as, their respective clubs will each receive formal certificates from Zones 33/34 and  Foundation Recognition Points…not to mention epic bragging rights!


    1. All entries must be submitted via the official Zones 33/34 Social Media Cover Art Competition Form (entries sent via email, instant messaging or otherwise will not be accepted or acknowledged)
    2. All entries must be submitted by 30th of November 2023
    3. Submitted cover art designs are to be used on various Zones 33/34 social media accounts and should be provided in respective dimensions in line with each social media platform’s specifications for cover images (e.g. 1440×624 bleeding to 1640×924 overall for Facebook pages) – we recommend referring to social media design sizes on CANVA or other appropriate source
    4. Submitted cover art designs must be provided in various versions based on necessary dimensions for all requested social media accounts (submissions that do not provide a version of a design for a requested social media channel may not be accepted)
    5. Submitted cover art designs must be submitted in one of two versions: hi-res PNG image file (at least 300 dpi) and/or vector PDF file (entries can be made in one format or another or both)
    6. Where applicable, submitted cover art designs must only use authorized/licensed imagery or graphics (any proprietary imagery or graphics used in a design without permission will disqualify the entry)
    7. While stock imagery from Rotary International may be used, designers are encouraged to use bespoke/original images where applicable