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Welcome to the Public Image Toolbox, your one-stop destination for resources designed to elevate Rotary’s public image. Whether you’re a seasoned Public Image chair or just starting out, you’ll find valuable tools, guides, and links here to enhance your club’s visibility and impact. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for your Public Image efforts. If there are additional items you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know – we’re always eager to expand and improve to better serve you. Let’s work together to showcase Rotary’s positive influence in our communities and beyond.

2024-2025 RI Presidential Theme Logo

RI Presidential Themes and Visions

2024-25 Presidential Theme & Vision
Stephanie Urchick, RI president elect announces 2024-25 presidential theme:
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24/25 Rotary Presidential Theme:


2023-24 Presidential Theme & Vision
R. Gordon R. McInally Addresses 2023 International Assembly:
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23/24 Rotary Presidential Theme:

Use the Rotary Brand wisely

Maximize the impact of your Rotary endeavors by leveraging the Rotary Brand wisely. Visit the Rotary Brand Center for access to club logo creation, images, and short videos to effectively promote your club. No login required – it’s all at your fingertips! 

Never visited the Rotary Brand Center? 
Watch this Video and learn how to best navigate this tool.

Following are a few very helpful links:

Rotary Brand Center
Compass Guideline

More Branding Resources and Guidelines

Unsure if your club or district branding meets compliance standards? We’re here to assist. Feel free to send it over, and we’ll gladly review it for you.

Explore additional branding resources, guidelines, and downloadable sample plans that can be incredibly useful. Simply click on any of the following links to delve deeper into these valuable resources.

Creating a Content Calendar

Having a plan is invaluable. Collaborate with your team to craft a Content Calendar. This tool will keep you on track throughout the Rotary year, preventing overwhelm. Remember, calendars are flexible and serve as guides, adaptable to your needs.
Click on the following resources to see what’s available:

Team Creating a Calendar
Polio Vaccination

Video Resources for Elevating Brand and Public Image

Discover a collection of informative short videos crafted to address various topics ranging from Brand Consistency to Elevating Your Club’s Public Image, and mastering the art of creating captivating photos and videos, among others. Explore the link to empower your Rotary Club today.

Or watch the entire collection of the Informational Video Series For Rotary Clubs and Members (2023/2024) (1 hr 6 min)

Cool Tools!

Discover a range of invaluable creative tools designed to streamline your Public Image endeavors. Some of these tools are utilized by the Zones 33/34 Public Image Team to craft engaging content effortlessly. With AI technology rapidly becoming a reliable ally in text and video editing and enhancement, your PI initiatives are bound to thrive. Explore the curated list of links featuring exceptional tools, each offering unique functionalities.

Happy creating!

Using AI Tools
Helping Hands

Helpful Guides

Explore these helpful guides that could be very beneficial in your Rotary journey. We found them invaluable and wanted to share them with you.
Click on the following links to access these files.

Rotary Zones 33/34 Public Image

Rotary International and Rotary Zones 33/34 aim for an updated roster of club officers through My.Rotary. This fosters transparency in club roles and enables efficient communication and information sharing. It’s vital for Rotary and Rotaract clubs to report key positions yearly, including Club Public Image Chairs (CPICs).

Following some helpful quick-links from the PI Team of Rotary Zones 33/34: 

2024/2025 Zone 33/34 Excellence in Public Image Coordination (EPIC) award
Develop a sustainable public image strategy for your club while optimizing the role of the Public Image Chair. Continue…

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