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Mastering LindedIn

Linkedin: Elevating your Personal Linked In

February 2023; updated February 2024

Every Rotarian is the brand of Rotary, yet we often do not use our connection to Rotary as the asset that it is. Many times, we do not think about it and as a result, our greatest opportunity to connect our communities to Rotary is missed.

LinkedIn is not like other social media platforms; it is a sharing platform for professionals. Professionals of all vocations is the target audience of Rotary. There are 1 billion LinkedIn members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. It does not matter how LinkedIn compares to other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., if this is the platform of our target user. The attractiveness of LinkedIn is that it is business, community leaders, and those seeking connections to further professional alliances.

The how. We all struggle with new platforms. Being focused on one that you can update regularly will be key. Let’s start with the basics.

Your profile picture: Do not over think this but think about it. This is your calling card as people are scrolling. A recent headshot or photo from the waist up with you smiling (really smiling – even with your eyes) with a background that is relatively uncluttered is all you need. Luckily, in today’s world a cell phone camera is all we need.

Your background photo: This is the second visual element when people click to view your page. This can include your company logo, a quote, anything really, that helps people know more about you. This is the first place that you could choose to place something about Rotary.

Your headline: The third visual element when people click to view your page. You have 220 characters to your headline. Use 8 of them to add the word Rotarian. Your headline is a title, a belief, a vision, what you stand for, even the 4-way test could fit.

Your summary: Do not overlook this section. Many people leave this blank. This is your chance to share your why you do what you do professionally, in your volunteer life, in your community, etc. Use the vision statement of Rotary to prompt you to share how you are a part of Rotary to join together locally to engage in a global network that matters.

Your volunteer experience: If you have served in Rotary, you have leadership experience in inspiring volunteers. This is HUGE and shows the benefit of considering Rotary. Share your projects, your key initiatives, your growth, your fundraising. Some of the toughest leadership is when you lead a volunteer network so celebrate it on LinkedIn!

Connect!: Now that you have your profile updated, let’s grow the connections! Search alumni, similar professions, Rotarians, colleagues by name, even your relatives! Connect and notice how people start viewing your profile as they want to know what you have been up to. Share articles to your page that you find relevant. Like Rotary International and share what is meaningful in the post. In liking and sharing, you are demonstrating what is important to you.

Celebrate others: One of the biggest things you can do is to celebrate others with a like and a comment. It is a big deal to have a promotion, earn a certificate, accept a new role in Rotary. You can even share your new Rotary Board on Linked In. Make sure you tag them as we all like to be celebrated and recognized by others!

Invite: You have done all of this work to be recognized as a Rotarian. Let’s invite others to join us. Giving people an opportunity to join in a virtual offering, an in person meet up, a meeting to hear a speaker that you are interested in, etc. shares the possibility of Rotary.

After all of the suggestions you have read, I know some will ask, does it work? I actually know that it does because we have a member in my own Club who became interested in Rotary by what I shared. He is now actually the Club’s Public Image Chair. I know that it works as I receive private messages asking for connections. I know that it does as connections have joined webinars that Rotary promotes and messaged me the appreciation for posting.

Visit me on LinkedIn: and make sure to check out our Webinar about Linkedin.

It isn’t perfect but you can tell Rotary, Family, and Leadership is important to me.


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