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MAR – Social Media

MAR – Social Media

At this point in the Rotary year, we would like to see examples of posts you have made on your social media accounts

FEB – Learning Center

FEB – Learning Center

February is designed to encourage you to explore and use educational and training resources from the Rotary Learning Center

JAN – Brand Center

JAN – Brand Center

January is designed to encourage you to use something from the Rotary Brand Center as part of your PI plan

DEC – Feedback Month

DEC – Feedback Month

December is feedback month. We want to hear how we are doing and what can we do better!

NOV – Foundation Month

NOV – Foundation Month

November is Rotary Foundation month! Be sure to share the great stories of the work our Foundation does.

OCT – World Polio Day

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Our Consulting & Finance Company Conult in 1987

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