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Platinum Public Image Certificate

Congratulations for the Rotary Zones 33/34 Public Image Awards

Zone 33 RPIC Billi Black and Zone 34 RPIC Susan Courter are thrilled to extend their heartfelt congratulations to all the clubs that earned the Zone 33/34 Public Image Citation this year! Your dedication to showcasing the incredible work of Rotary has not gone unnoticed. Click here to view a list of Rotary and Rotaract clubs that earned the award, and download your certificate here.

Exciting News: New Look for Public Image Recognition

We are pleased to announce a rebranding of our public image recognition program! The Public Image Citation will now be known as the Excellence in Public Image Coordination (EPIC) Award. This change reflects the ongoing commitment and coordination needed for successful public image efforts.

Start Your Journey to the EPIC Award

The first three monthly tasks for the EPIC Award are now available, giving your club’s public image team an early start on preparing for a successful 2024-25 Rotary year. Find detailed information on all the monthly tasks along with resources to help your club excel.

Why Begin Now?

Starting early provides your club with the best chance to achieve the highest recognition—the Platinum EPIC Award. Early preparation allows your team to effectively plan, execute, and refine public image strategies, ensuring you meet all criteria and stand out in your community.

New to Public Image?

If you’re new to public image efforts, don’t worry! We have a comprehensive toolkit designed to help you get started. Click here to access the toolkit and learn the basics of effective public image coordination.

Support and Resources

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to the Zones 33/34 Public Image Team. We are here to support you every step of the way and help ensure your club’s public image efforts are successful.


Join the Zones 33/34 Public Image Team as we kick off the new Rotary year with renewed energy and a clear vision for success. Enhancing our public image helps us attract more like-minded individuals and organizations, amplifying our mission to serve humanity.

Register for our Meet the Teams Webinar at Elevate Rotary Zones 33/34. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow Rotarians, share ideas, and get inspired for the year ahead.


Congratulations once again to all the clubs that earned the Zone 33/34 Public Image Citation this year. Your hard work and dedication are truly inspiring. As we move forward with the new EPIC Award, we encourage all clubs to start early and aim high. Together, we can elevate the public image of Rotary and make a lasting impact in our communities.

Start your journey towards the Platinum EPIC Award today. Taking this important step will enhance your club’s visibility and attract new members who share our commitment to service.

Any questions about the Rotary Brand? Visit the Rotary Brand Center to create and download your proper Rotary Club Logo.

Let’s make this Rotary year the best one yet by showcasing the magic and impact of Rotary to the world!


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