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Congratulations on being selected Public Image Chair!

Here are a few things you will want to do to get off on the right foot.

Public Image Toolkit

Need more resources to get you started or while you are underway?

Check out our compilation of resources that make up our Public Image Toolkit.

2023-24 Zone 33/34 Public Image Citation
Develop a sustainable public image strategy for your club while optimizing the role of the Public Image Chair.  Continue…


2024-25 Presidential Theme & Vision
Stephanie Urchick, RI president elect announces 2024-25 presidential theme:   More | Watch Video

24/25 Rotary Presidential Theme: Download 2024-25 theme logo materials (.zip) | Download Theme Branding Guidelines (.pdf)


2023-24 Presidential Theme & Vision
R. Gordon R. McInally Addresses 2023 International Assembly:   More | Download and Read Article (pdf) | Watch Video

23/24 Rotary Presidential Theme: Download 2023-24 theme logo materials (.zip) | Download Theme Branding Guidelines (.pdf)

Templates and Examples:
Sample Public Image Plan
Sample Content Calendar
What is Rotary?


Logos, Graphics, Photos and Guidelines

Rotary Brand Center (new and improved)
You’ll find many resources to help you promote Rotary in your community and show the world that we’re people of action.
Getting Started  | Brand Element Guidelines  | Brand Center

TELL ROTARY’S STORY – Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines Brand Guide:   Download (.pdf)

PEOPLE OF ACTION Campaign Guidelines:  Download (.pdf)

People of Action Photo Editor –

Rotary Giphy Channel –

Photo Release:  This is an example of a Photo Release Form for your Rotary Club. Please check with local legal resources to confirm specific language.


Content Calendars

Zone 34 Content Calendar:

Google Sheets (template)  (continue…)

Google Sheets Social Media Calendar:  (continue…)

Trello (blog post):  (continue…)

Canva: (continue…)


Rotary Promotional Branding Resources 

Rotary International Licensed Vendors (continue…)

One-Time Trademark Release Authorization for producing promotional materials with the Rotary logo.


Rotary International in Social Media

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Facebook –  Rotary International:

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Rotary International Blog:


The Zone 33/34 Public Image Team:

The Zone 33/34 Public Image Team consists of members with a variety of expertise in media, branding, marketing, collateral development, website, social media and so much more. We are available to support you and your public image efforts.
Click here to get to know the Zone 33 PI team
Click here to meet the Zone 34 PI team

Zone 33/34 Webinar Archives:

Have an idea for a webinar? Tell us about it!  (continue…)


Rotary Zone 33/34 in Social Media

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#RotaryShares on Instagram: https://www.instagram,com/explore/tags/rotaryshares/


Helpful Guides:

Communication Guide: Tips and examples for effective messaging, inspired by Rotary’s Action Plan: Open PDF file

Succession Planning Checklist:

Rotary Fact Sheet:

Event Planning Guide –