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Public Image Toolkit

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2022-23 Zone 34 Public Image Citation
July Task:
August Task:
September Task:

2022-23 Presidential Theme & Vision
Jennifer Jones Addresses 2022 International Assembly: Read Article | Watch Video | Download Transcript

Current Rotary Presidential Theme: Download Logos & Lockups | Download Theme Branding Guidelines

Templates and Examples:
Sample Public Image Plan
Sample Content Calendar
What is Rotary?

Logos, Graphics, Photos and Guidelines
Rotary Logos:

Brand Guide:

People of Action Photo Editor

People of Action Campaign Guidelines

Logo Creator

Photo Release
Example of a Photo Release Form for your Rotary Club. Please check with local legal resources to confirm specific language.

One-Time Release for producing promotional materials with the Rotary logo.

Rotary Resources
Brand Center

Rotary International Blog

Helpful Guides:
Succession Planning Checklist:

Rotary Fact Sheet:

Event Planning Guide –

The Zone 34 Public Image Team:
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