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November Task Due

November 30, 2023

As we embrace the spirit of Rotary Foundation Month in November, we invite you to complete this task that showcases the incredible impact we make in our communities and worldwide.

Each year, Rotary International emphasizes the importance of Rotarian support for The Rotary Foundation during November. It’s a time to celebrate our collective dedication to humanitarian and educational causes. This year, we want to make our efforts even more meaningful by sharing the invaluable work our Foundation accomplishes every single day.

How to Participate:

Share Your Stories – Engage on Social Media – Collaborate and Learn – Community Involvement – Report Your Progress

Let’s come together and make this November a month to remember, as you showcase the remarkable work your club does so our Foundation can accomplishe great thins in our communities and around the world.

Note that this task is due November 30th.


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November task is due
November 30, 2023