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Club Public Image Chairs In Rotary Zones 33/34

A goal for both Rotary International and Rotary Zones 33/34 is to have the most up-to-date listing of all current and incoming club officers reported in My Rotary. This is the primary means for us all to know not only who is responsible for the various aspects of clubs (e.g. membership, public image, foundation, training, finance, administration, etc.), but also, how best to allow us all to connect and share information, announcements and updates.

All Rotary and Rotaract clubs should therefore be reporting key club officer and chair positions for each Rotary year, including Club Public Image Chairs (CPICs).

Curious about which clubs have reported their CPIC in My Rotary?

You can easily check whether your club reported its CPIC in My Rotary by reviewing the listings below (please note that the information provided herein may not be complete or up-to-date, and is meant solely to ensure clubs are updating their records where needed). If the records below show your club as not having reported its CPIC in My Rotary, please contact your club president or secretary who can provide you with an update or take action to remedy the omission. 

Here’s a quick tip: Use CTRL+F to search by name and swiftly locate your club.

2023-2024 CPIC Appointments In My Rotary Summary