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People of Action

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Rotary International’s “People of Action” campaign aims to redefine its image by showcasing Rotarians as proactive change-makers. Despite its widespread recognition, research reveals a significant lack of understanding about Rotary’s local contributions and even the existence of clubs within communities.

This initiative serves as a beacon, introducing Rotary’s essence to those unfamiliar with its impact. It portrays Rotarians as leaders who collaborate, inspire, transform, connect, and celebrate within their communities. Moreover, the campaign targets not only current members but also potential ones, donors, partners, and supporters, aiming to engage and motivate them.

For the March task, Rotary Zone 33/34 PI team invites you to share your “People of Action” campaign experiences. Have you launched a localized version or a social media campaign? We want to hear your story! Share your insights, successes, and challenges.