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Exploring the Rotary Brand & Learning Centers

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February 28th

January’s task aims to inspire you to incorporate elements from the Rotary Brand Center into your PI strategy, which helps your club to qualify for the Presidential Citation.

Did your club take advantage of Rotary International’s advertising and public service materials from the Brand Center—such as broadcast videos, print ads, and official resources—to promote Rotary within your community this year?

Head to the Rotary Learning Center to dive into a variety of Public Image courses and learning plans. This isn’t just about enhancing your understanding of public image—it’s a chance to showcase your commitment to enhancing both your own and your club’s public image capabilities.

Once you’ve completed the Public Image courses and learning plans in the Rotary Learning Center, we’d like you to share your experience. Your feedback will give us insight into what you’ve accomplished and your thoughts on the process.

Explore Rotary’s Brand Center for the latest tips and templates designed to amplify your club’s promotion. Find out more here. Additionally, rally Club PI Chairs, Committees, other club officers, and members to join you in visiting the Rotary Learning Center. Let’s collectively engage in completing the diverse array of Public Image courses and learning plans available.


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