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October 31st

After conducting your audit and assessing your Public Image assets, you now have a clear understanding of what needs to be corrected and what is already in good shape. Well done on that front!

Now that you’ve tidied things up, the next step is planning out your content strategy: “What will we post and when will we post it?”

To streamline this process, it’s essential to create a Content Calendar. This calendar will serve as a roadmap for everyone involved, ensuring clarity on what the Public Image focus will be each month. Start by outlining your club’s projects and activities, using them as a guide for monthly themes. Incorporate the Rotary monthly theme and any other club focus items wherever possible.

In parallel, develop a communication plan that aligns with your club calendar and Public Image strategy. This plan will detail when and how to share your content, ensuring consistency and maximizing impact. By synchronizing your communication efforts with your content calendar, everyone will be on the same page regarding communication needs and what will be shared, and when.

By integrating these two plans seamlessly, you’ll create a cohesive approach to Public Image management that keeps your club’s messaging clear, consistent, and engaging.

PRO TIP: Rotary Monthly Theme

Bookmark the Calendar page on the Rotary International website to find key dates, monthly themes and RI event information. You can develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions