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Building Your Rotary Club’s Website: A Beginner’s Guide with DACdb

Does your Rotary Club or District struggle with maintaining a website? Perhaps you lack the technical expertise for coding or using complex website builders like WordPress. If so, DACdb offers a user-friendly solution specifically designed for Rotary clubs and districts!

This blog post will guide you through the benefits of using DACdb for your website, explain the core features, and show you how to get started – even if you have no prior website design experience.

Why Choose DACdb?

The biggest challenge for many clubs is keeping their website fresh and informative. DACdb simplifies this process by offering several key features:

  • Easy Updates: DACdb websites boast a user-friendly interface that allows you to update content with a few clicks. There’s no need to learn complex coding languages!
  • Automated Features: Streamline your workflow by automating updates. Pull in event information from your calendar, showcase your latest Facebook posts, or share inspiring stories with ezStories – all with minimal effort.
  • Member-Centric Design: DACdb understands the needs of Rotary clubs. Their website templates come pre-loaded with widgets relevant to your audience, like the club leader listings, meeting details, document storage, bulletins, member birthdays, just to mention a few.

Building Your Website with DACdb

DACdb offers two key tools to help you build and manage your website:

  • EZ Website Admin: This tool allows you to choose a website template, customize the look and feel of your site by selecting colors and fonts, and set up navigation menus. Think of it as the foundation of your website.
  • Surreal CMS (Content Management System): Once you have your website’s foundation set up, Surreal CMS empowers you to create and update individual inside pages. This user-friendly interface lets you add text, images, and other content elements – no coding required!

Learning the Ropes

DACdb understands that even user-friendly tools require some initial learning. They offer a wealth of resources to help you get the most out of your website:

  • How-To Videos: DACdb provides step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through setting up your EZ Website Admin and utilizing Surreal CMS effectively.
  • DACdb University: This online portal offers a variety of training resources specifically designed for Rotary members.
  • Training Calendar: Stay up-to-date on upcoming webinars and live training sessions offered by DACdb.

Getting Started

Ready to build your Rotary Club’s website with DACdb? Here are some helpful links:

In Conclusion

Building and maintaining a website doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With DACdb’s user-friendly interface and readily available training resources, your Rotary Club or District can easily create and manage a website that informs and inspires your members and community. So, take advantage of this valuable tool and showcase the great work your Rotary Club is doing!

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