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2024 People of Action Image & Video Competition

Zones 33/34 are committed to making sure that members and clubs are not only informed by the various social media channels, but also, that they feel a sense of investment, ownership and pride and are motivated to explore content from these channels for themselves and share content with a wider audience. 

At Zones 33/34, fostering engagement and pride among our members is key.

In the first half of the 2023-2024 Rotary year, we launched our inaugural Social Media Cover Art Competition. Now in the second half of the Rotary year, Zones 33/34 announces its 2024 People of Action Image & Video Competition.

Rotary and Rotaract members from Zones 33/34 are invited to create and submit original designs or videos reflecting our Zones, our members, our story, and our impact through the work of clubs and members.

Submissions to the competition can either be a static image (e.g. PNG), an animated image (e.g. GIF) or a short video (e.g. MP4) where all entries must follow Rotary International’s People of Action brand guidelines.

Qualifying entries will be shared on Zones 33/34 social media and winners will be selected based on number of likes, as well as, on an evaluation by the Rotary Zones 33/34 Social Media Team. Announcements will be made in May 2024 and winners will receive a certificate from Zones 33/34 and some surprise rewards…not to mention major bragging rights!



1.   Only members from Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Zones 33/34 will be able to enter this competition.

2.   Entries must be submitted via the People of Action Competition Form and by 30th April 2024.

3.   Entries must follow submission criteria (those that do not follow criteria will not be considered).

4.   A member may submit multiple design/video entries, but only, one at a time using the submission form.

5.   Entries will be posted to one or more Zones 33/34 social media channels (entries already published elsewhere online can remain).

6.   Entries officially posted by Zones 33/34 (and/or links to such) may be shared online via websites, other social media channels, email, chat groups, etc. (once the original post, the link to and source of such are maintained and not altered in any way)

7.   Anyone (members, friends, family, colleagues, public) may like posted entries.

8.   Winning submissions are chosen based on number of likes, as well as, on Zones 33/34 Social Media Team’s evaluation and judgement.

9.   Winning submissions will be announced on or around 15th May 2024 where all rights and ownership to winning designs are provided to Zones 33/34.

10.   Winning members, as well as, their respective clubs will each receive formal certificates from Rotary Zones 33/34 and surprise rewards…not to mention epic bragging rights!



1.   All entries must be submitted via the official Rotary Zones 33/34  People of Action Competition Form (entries sent via email, instant messaging or otherwise will not be accepted or acknowledged).

2.   All entries must be submitted by 30th April 2024.

3.   Entries can either be designs/videos that have already been published within the last three (3) years or newly created designs/videos that have not yet been published.

4.   Submitted image or animated image designs and/or videos should be created with social media platforms in mind and should be provided in appropriate dimensions and resolutions (e.g. 1080×1080 for images, 1080p for video) – submissions that are not provided using minimum specifications may not be accepted.

5.   All submitted designs and/or videos must be provided using the recommended specifications:

a)     Images

·        File type: PNG

·        Minimum Size: 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels

·        Preferred Shape: Square

b)    Animated Images

·        File type: GIF

·        Minimum Size: 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels

·        Minimum Duration: 10 seconds

·        Maximum Duration: 60 seconds

·        Preferred Shape: Square

c)     Videos

·        File type: MP4 or M4V

·        Minimum Resolution: 1080p

·        Preferred Aspects: 1×1, 9×16 or 16×9

·        Minimum Duration: 20 seconds

·        Maximum Duration: 120 seconds

6.   Where applicable, submitted designs and/or videos must only use authorized/licensed imagery or graphics (any proprietary imagery or graphics used in a design without permission will disqualify the entry)

7.   Stock imagery or videos from Rotary International or other sources are not recommended – designers are encouraged to use bespoke/original images and/or video where applicable that best represents their own members, clubs and activities.

8.   Photos and/or videos of individuals, groups or organizations or that contain the likeness of such should have explicit permission(s) and use an appropriate Photo Release Form where necessary.

9.   Submissions must follow the People of Action brand guidelines

10.   Submissions may use the following recommended applications to customize their entries with People of Action branding:

a)     Rotary Brand Center POA Templates

b)    People of Action Photo App

c)     Other applications (e.g. CANVA, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) may be used once in line with brand guidelines

Questions or concerns regarding the competition may be sent to