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The Zones 33/34 Team has prepared resources, guides, webinars, and videos to help you have a successful year!

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Create a sustainable Public image strategy for your club

Zones 33/34 "EPIC" Award

Curious about which of the Public Image tasks your club has accomplished or has yet to complete to secure an Excellence in Public Image Coordination (EPIC) award ?
Click here to view your Rotary or Rotaract club's award status or visit the
Zones 33/34 Public Image EPIC award page for more details.

Brand Design Review

Unsure if your club or district branding meets compliance standards? We’re here to assist. Feel free to send it to us, and the Zones 33/34 team will gladly review it for you.

Important Dates To Remember

Webinars, seminars, citation deadlines and other important dates to remember. View the entire calendar. Plus you can synch it to your Outlook or Google calendar and never miss a date!

"PI Matters" Blogs

Welcome to "PI Matters," your top resource for all things Public Image in Rotary Zones 33/34! Stay informed, inspired, and engaged with the latest updates, webinars, and insights..

Rotary Brand Center

Brand Center Screen Shoot

In addition to the Zones 33/34 Public Image  Resource Page,  you’ll find many resources to help you promote Rotary in your community and show the world that we’re people of action on the Rotary Brand Center.

Find logos, ready-to-use banners, posters, flyers, and easy-to-use customizable templates to use in your communications.

Most importantly, this is the only source to download Rotary logos for your public image initiatives. 

Zones 33/34 Public Image Teams

Rotary Zone 33

Meet the PI Team

Rotary Zone 34

Meet the PI Team

Marshall Butler

Director of Communications
Rotary Zones 33/34

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Access the complete library of webinars produced by Rotary Zones 33/34 by clicking here.

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